cloth napkins for parties

cloth napkins for parties

I finally took the plunge and ordered cocktail-size cloth napkins to use for parties! If you read my post last year you’ll know that one thing (napkin-wise) had previously eluded me: enough for the 50-75+ person parties we like to throw.

I took a chance and contacted the same Etsy vendor, PicnicBasketCrafts, who made our much-loved red checked set. Tiffany and Joan were up for the project and even let me select my own fabric (which they then purchased).

I decided to go with green since most of our parties are in spring and summer. The flannel fabric is a muted brown and cream plaid pattern which is nice because plain napkins show stains, FYI. Also, I could not find a floral pattern I really liked so plaid it was (the selection of good flannel options is depressingly limited). The upside is that these will work well for picnics and tailgate parties.

They are a great size, too. Five inches by eight inches. Easy enough to tuck under our three-inch ceramic party plates. So here we are, one step closer to the ultimate eco-friendly party!

P.S. If you want to find Tiffany and Joan on Etsy, go to: