santana row shopping: a father's day gift guide

santana row shopping: a father’s day gift guide

Santana Row is my favorite South Bay shopping destination. When I’m not party planning, writing or pursuing my other day job(s), you’ll often find me “staycationing” at Santana Row in San Jose. The al fresco dining options remind me so much of outdoor cafes in Florence, Madrid and Paris. Plus, who can resist shopping with so many incredible stores to choose from?

When Santana Row approached me about creating a Father’s Day Shopping Guide, I was thrilled. I’d like to think of myself as a good gift giver, mainly due to my belief in the Platinum Rule (not the American Express Platinum card!). To me, the Platinum Rule goes beyond the Golden Rule, which is to treat others as you would like to be treated. My family defines the Platinum Rule as treating others as THEY wish to be treated. In my husband’s case, a platinum gift would be something he’d buy for himself. He is crazy about cycling, the outdoors, grilling and/or smoking grass-fed meats, any craft beer but especially Belgian ales and, of course, versatile clothing that travels well yet is suitable for nights on the town.

Santana Row graciously gave me a gift card* and I had a lovely afternoon browsing, photographing and shopping!

Can you guess which item or items I actually purchased? I’m curious what you might pick. Leave me a comment and we’ll see a) if you’re correct about my gift choice(s) and b) what you would select for the special Dad’s in your life. If you want to save the guide to take along with you, please CLICK HERE to download the PDF.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19th – all of the items in the guide were found and photographed at Santana Row. Happy Shopping!


*The value of the gift card was $150. I might possibly have spent more than that, but don’t tell my husband!